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3 Reasons You Need Evergreen Content

Log onto your social media platform of choice right now. What do you see? As a healthcare marketer, chances are that your feed is full of topical stories: the latest marketing trend, a new social media tool or yet another Google algorithm change. The 24/7/365 news cycle loves new things, as does the entire Internet.

Now think long and hard about your organization’s current content marketing initiatives. Is all your content related around your organization’s new tech, new service or new [insert name here]? If so, you may be losing out on precious traffic and conversions.

The problem with “new and shiny” things is that there’s a lot of fanfare at first, but then it’s no longer new and shiny. Prospects move onto the next “it” thing, and all the attention you were enjoying can drop exponentially. You will always need topical content to capitalize on the Internet’s whims, but you’re also going to need another type of content to stand out in a crowded landscape: evergreen.

Evergreen content is content that’s not timely – it’s timeless. Five years can go by, and the content is still relevant (although it might need tweaks here or there). Instead of focusing all your efforts on something that will only get you 24 hours of attention, go generic. Here’s why:

  1. Evergreen content is easy. Smaller organizations don’t have the financial backing or horsepower that larger organizations do. If you’re a smaller company that’s always chasing the latest big thing, you’re not being efficient. Pick your battles and double down on evergreen topics of interest, which are always in style and can deliver steady traffic for your business.
  2. Evergreen content is versatile. Because evergreen content is timeless, you can always go back and recycle it. Remember that blog post you wrote two years ago? Turn it into a video or infographic and get more juice out of it – with minimal effort.
  3. Evergreen content is more likely to get you links. If you’re trying to make your website friendlier for search engines, evergreen content is the right way to go. Because these types of stories require more time to flesh out and are oftentimes longer than topical news, they help paint your organization as an expert in a particular niche. People may then start linking to your website, increasing your number of quality backlines – a big factor in search engine organization.

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