3 Things to Consider When Using TikTok for Healthcare

TikTok is hot right now and definitely a platform that you should be considering. It has forced us, healthcare marketers, to rediscover our content strategies as the world pivots to consuming entertaining vertical content over any other content on the internet.Travel nurse recruiters are already taking advantage of TikTok to reach nurses by leveraging nurse creators and providing perspective on what to expect as a traveling nurse. It’s more important than ever for health systems and hospitals to join the conversation and get the attention of nurses considering their options. Look up #travelnursing to see how this topic is being discussed on TikTok. ​
The self-serve advertising platform on TikTok is also a great way to expand your brand’s reach and get a much higher ROAS than any other digital platform on the market today. Here is a case study on how one brand got 1.5M video views in 6 weeks at $0.03 cost per view: 1.5M Views in Six Weeks: The Power of Influencer Marketing in Healthcare – Wax
Here are a few things to consider when creating content:

  • Authenticity is key! Create content that is true to the type of content being consumed on TikTok. Polished, high-production advertising content/slide show kinds of ads don’t perform well. Use real people who speak to the audience directly and always leave room for engagement. That engagement happens in the comments, duets, and stitches. It’s important to create content that is shareable so others can join the conversation and continue the momentum.
  • Collaborate with creators: Creators are the influencers of TikTok. They already understand how to create engaging content and are the most knowledgeable about current trends. Leverage TikTok’s creator marketplace to find creators that make sense for your campaign and offer them a seat at the table when it comes to planning the content.
  • Repurpose content for MAX exposure: All the social media platforms now offer vertical content formats. Instagram/Facebook has Reels and YouTube now has Shorts. This means you can easily maximize your brand’s exposure by sharing the TikTok content on these other platforms.

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