3 Tips for Increasing Your Email Subscriber List

There’s a good reason that emails are a popular form of marketing: They work. Because people have to actively subscribe to your list, the odds of your emails effecting a certain action — like a sale – are higher.

But email marketing is easier said than done. One of the toughest obstacles is building your list; you can have great email content, but it’s all for naught if nobody has signed up to receive them.

Follow these three simple tips to start getting more signups and increase your email subscriber list:

Maximize Website Placement: If you haven’t already, add an email signup form to your site. And make sure it’s visible; if it’s relegated to a random inner page, nobody will sign up. Make the email form as prominent as possible while still fitting your website’s aesthetic. Also, keep everything on one page; if someone clicks to sign up and they’re forced to go to another page to complete the action, you’re going to lose them.

Offer Incentives: Is your content exciting enough to attract signups? An email newsletter alone may not be enough to make someone fill out your form. Sweeten the deal with exclusive content like whitepapers, infographics or some other useful information. Just don’t overdo it: Incentives take resources, so make sure that whatever you do offer to your email subscribers doesn’t take up too much of your marketing team’s time.

Keep It Simple: Your prospects are busy. Put yourself in their shoes: You’d probably run at the first sight of a 20-field-long email signup sheet. That’s why your email signup form should only ask for the information you need. Do you really need to know your prospect’s address? Perhaps their name and email is enough. Don’t waste their time.

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