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3 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Reach Instantly

As marketers, it’s easy to get focused on metrics that seem a lot more important than they really are. In this case, we’re talking about likes.

Whether you’re managing a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media account, likes (or the platform’s equivalent) are always a welcome sight. But they shouldn’t be the only engagement you look at. What you really want are shares.

Shares increase your reach exponentially and significantly up the odds that your content goes viral. But what makes content worth sharing? Here are three tips you should always keep in mind when creating or distributing content:

  1. Make it easy to share. If you have a blog, video or another piece of content, make sure it has its fair share of share buttons. One-click sharing is essential: Your consumers are too busy to copy and paste a link somewhere else; clicking a button is a one-and-done deal, though. The easier you make your content to share, the likelier people will actually share it.
  2. Make it exciting. As much as we hate those click-bait headlines, they work. One of the hardest parts about content distribution is getting that first click. Once you have their attention, though, your content will do the heavy lifting in keeping it. Always ask yourself, “Would I click on this?” If the answer is no, figure out why and make the appropriate adjustments.
  3. Make it short and sweet. We said it once, and we’ll say it again: People are busy. No matter how well written your 1000-word story is, it’s a hard sell when it comes to sharing. If there’s a way you can get it down to a bite-sized format like an info graphic or transform it into a short video, then you’re on the right path.

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