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4 Social Media Sins

Setting up an organization’s social media profile is as easy as registering an email, creating a company page and posting content. It’s so simple that anyone can do it.

But just because someone on your marketing team can post content or has a ton of followers doesn’t qualify them to run your company’s social media … and that includes yourself. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have the budget or manpower for a dedicated social media specialist that knows what they’re doing.

If that’s the case for your organization, make sure your point person is at least avoiding these common social media pitfalls:

  1. Posting too much promotional content. Your organization is on social media to expand its reach in hopes of selling a particular product or service. However, your potential customer is likelier to be interested in their friend’s photos from Friday night than your offerings. If you’re constantly filling their feed with sales-heavy material, that’s an “unfollow” or “block” waiting to happen. The occasional sales pitch is fine, but create content that’s more likely to encourage engagement.
  2. Posting too little. If your page hasn’t been updated for months or weeks, it’s imperative you start putting together a content calendar. Without consistent content, you have little to no chance of getting in front of prospects – algorithms favor fresh content. Don’t have content to post? Here’s one simple solution: Share relevant stories from leading healthcare organizations to fill any lulls in your publication schedule.
  3. Making content too complex. There’s a time and place for everything. When it comes to slang and other jargon on social media, the time is never and the place is offline. Our attention spans are already smaller than that of a gnat’s, so you need to maximize your messaging by being as clear as possible. Leave the grandiloquent verbiage for your office gatherings.
  4. Losing your head. Behind a screen, an Internet user can get a bit overconfident. If you offer a product or service and your client feels you didn’t deliver, they’re likely to express that discontent on social media. While some consumers are respectful when doing so, others will not hesitate to let expletives fly. It’s important to keep your cool and NOT respond in the same fiery manner – lest you want to end up on a roundup of “Top Social Media Fails of the Year.”

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