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4 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Emails

“The winner takes it all, the loser has to fall,” goes the line from the old Abba lyrics. Statistics from McKinsey & Company show email marketing to be a clear winner, with 40 times more success attracting new leads than other digital communication methods. As a key driver of new business, it can deliver the highest ROI of all your healthcare marketing channels. To succeed, however, you need to send out marketing emails with a clear, concise and compelling design, which skip the “clutter” characterizing so many campaigns.

Focus on Priority Content

Information overload is a real thing these days. By deciding on the primary purpose for your email in advance, you can avoid the trap of presenting the reader with so much material in a single communication that they want to run and hide. Forget all the things you want them to know and think about it from the reader’s viewpoint. When faced with a page full of pieces of content, how easy is it to separate the gold from the dust?

Design your email to focus on one main piece of information, and perhaps a secondary, related topic with a link to follow for more information. This will keep the email clean and uncluttered, and ensure the reader isn’t swamped with multiple messages that obscure the really important one.

Use Minimalism Magic

Embracing minimalism in your email marketing doesn’t mean the design needs to be any less creative. In fact, when designers aren’t “bogged down” in complex visual components, they can explore the spatial relationship of a design and how it interacts with other elements. Using more white space, for example, gives the impression of simplicity and clarity, which can be a valuable juxtaposition for complex healthcare topics.

Limit the Fonts

Minimalism in design extends beyond the use of graphic elements to include the number and type of fonts used. While there’s much to be said for sticking to more “readable” fonts such as Verdana and Tahoma, a graphic layout lends itself to grabbing attention with visually interesting headlines. Use a mix of fonts, but keep the overall number to a maximum of four. Use fonts that address the limitations of email clients, depending on analysis of your mailing list.

Present Just Enough

All three of the above tips speak to reducing the amount of information cluttering your emails. Choosing the right content, keeping the design clean and simple, and limiting use of fonts can all help. Deliver an email campaign that’s effective, reduces bandwidth to receive it, speaks directly to a single client need and offers access to more information. That’s priceless.

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