4 Tips to Make Your Healthcare Marketing Campaign a Success

Healthcare may have once been considered a slow adopter of digital marketing, but that’s no longer the case. Stats from Pew Internet Research Center show 59 percent of U.S. adults search the internet for healthcare-related information, so having a strong online presence is essential for helping your practice get found.

These tips will help you make your next healthcare marketing campaign as successful as you need it to be.

Create a Campaign Goal

Inexperienced marketers occasionally confuse their goal for a specific healthcare marketing campaign with their overall marketing strategy. Each individual campaign needs to have a clear goal guiding all its actions. Examples of practical campaign goals are:

Target Specific Prospects

The more tightly you identify prospective consumers, the higher your campaign ROI will be. Whether your target is a healthcare organization such as a hospital, clinic or specialist or patients with a particular medical condition, knowing exactly who you are speaking to will help you craft a message that resonates with them.

Offer Multiple Touch-Points

Healthcare marketing is becoming increasingly digitized, and to keep up with audience expectations, you’ll need to use multiple touch-points in your campaign. Just 15 years ago, prospects typically accessed two touch-points when making a purchase. Statistics show consumers now use nearly six touch-points, and data from McKinsey showed strong association between choice of provider and the number of digital touch-points offered. Make sure your campaign includes seamless, multi- or omnichannel access across a range of platforms and functionalities.

Craft Your Message

The message you present is the single most important factor in a successful healthcare marketing campaign. There’s often a serious disconnect between services your company or practice is offering, and those your consumer is buying. Craft an effective core message for your campaign that speaks directly to the needs that the campaign aims to fulfill. The message should align with your overall brand to ensure consistency throughout your marketing.

A successful healthcare marketing campaigns can make a significant difference to your status in your industry and community — if you can get it right.

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