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4 Tips to Remember Before You Start a Social Media Ad Campaign

The Boy Scouts’ motto “Be Prepared” is good for more than tying unbreakable knots. In social media advertising, it can mean the difference between failure and success. Social ads are quick, easy and cheap—at least in that you only pay for the clicks you get.

But generating ROI for you depends on whether those clicks make a difference to your bottom line. Before you begin a campaign, it’s vital to be 100% ready, willing and able to optimize it. These tips should give you a good start.

Segment Your Audience Effectively

As I said in this earlier post, targeting more prospects isn’t necessarily the best approach. A social media ad campaign aimed at keeping college students healthy during the school year likely won’t resonate with an audience of men who play golf. Sure, the principles (and product) are probably the same for both, but unless you target one or the other with your campaign content, you’re likely to miss both demographics.

A campaign talking about avoiding flu on the golf course should be targeted at users indicating a preference for golf, typically male and aged between 35 and 50. That’s not to say women don’t play golf, but accurate segmentation will improve your ROI by reaching five male prospects for the same cost as one female.

Develop a Strong Landing Page

Campaigns live or die based on the strength of landing pages. Make sure your campaign directs users to a landing page that:

  • is clean and well-organized,
  • carries a compelling headline that answers the question they have in their minds after seeing the campaign,
  • includes instructions on how to proceed, and
  • contains indications of your company’s trustworthiness.

Don’t make the visitor have to hunt for the right information! Research shows companies have 15 seconds to capture users’ attention, so don’t let them waste time wondering what to do next.

Establish Follow-Up Protocols

Statistics show only 7% of 433 companies responded immediately to online leads, while more than half took 5 business days to do so. That’s like ignoring someone who is in your store and looking to buy! It doesn’t make sense. Long before you execute a social media ad campaign, establish follow-up protocols your team will use, and make sure you have resources to implement them.

It’s one thing to create a campaign that gets views or impressions, and an entirely different thing to develop one that converts visitors into sales.

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