4 Ways to Get Visitors to Read ALL Your Content

In today’s digital world, everyone is producing content. After all, content is the way to get found. But while content is great for Google and SEO purposes, how much of that content is actually being read?

In reality, probably not much. It could be that your headline isn’t attention grabbing. Or, that you content simply isn’t that interesting. Or, that a good majority of website visitors will only look at content that is visually enticing – like photos or videos.

To make matters worse, it’s common for people to share articles they don’t actually read from beginning to end. Instead, a lot of people just read the headline and the conclusion.

So how can you keep readers engaged with your content? Here are a few tips:

  • Determine your audience before you spend resources on content. By identifying and understanding your audience ahead of time, you can produce better content.
  • Once you determine your audience, create content that meets their deepest needs and desires. For example, if your target is a professional in healthcare, create content that will help a person in healthcare solve a problem. People are always looking to achieve success in life; if you can provide them with an avenue to do so, they will continue to crave what you have to say, as well as learn from it.
  • Grab your audience’s attention in the headline with an astounding statistic and tease them throughout the copy until the end. People like facts and data. They also like stories. If you can hook them at the beginning, they will likely read more as they will feel they are now getting valuable information.
  • Finally, consider adding a video or infographic that provides quick and easy ways to digest snippets of information.

The key to content marketing isn’t about specific words read or skimmed. It is about successfully connecting with the right prospects.

For additional tips on how to get top prospects reading all your content, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.


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