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5 Simple Tricks for More Effective Content

Tailor content length accordingly. In the battle of short-form vs. long-form content, there’s room for both: The argument for each boils down to purpose and user intent. If you’re trying to sell a technical hospital service to a new prospect, long-form content would be better for explaining it. Meanwhile, more common services could benefit from short-term copy that’s more focused on encouraging an action rather than informing.

Optimize for long-tail keywords. Studies have shown that 50 percent of web searches are four words or longer. Although they don’t receive as much traffic as shorter keywords, long-tail keywords often have higher conversion rates. Why? People are looking specific items, and if your content is tailored for those searches, that specificity works in your favor.

Focus on the end user. Google’s own statistics state that more searches are now completed on mobile than on a computer. Is your site mobile-friendly? Your website may look great on a desktop, but look like a sea of text on a phone or tablet. Consider inserting visual breaks throughout your copy: shorten your paragraphs, use sub-headlines and bullet points, and place images to break up the monotony and keep users from taking their attention elsewhere.

Let others sell for you. Testimonials can be an impactful marketing tool. After all, your patients are more relatable than a faceless organization, so their (hopefully positive) experience will speak volumes. Reach out to existing patients and see if they’d be willing to share their stories – odds are they will, and you can use those stories to create articles, social media campaigns and more.

Stay on top of search engine algorithms. You’re not just writing content for your users – you’re also writing content for the search engines. Just like search engines evolve, so should your digital content. Keywords and other tactics that work for your first bits of content may not be as effective down the road. Keep track of Google algorithm changes and adjust your content creation as needed.

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