5 tips for consistently high ROI

As marketers increase their focus on social media strategies, another in a long line of online opportunities, our offices here at Wax have become editorial gymnasiums for nimble and flexible writing styles. What appears to be a challenge is a fantastic new frontier – another complement for integrating your communications across an array of appropriate media. No doubt that “online” is here to stay. And although the game might have changed (cross-platform integration and real-time ROI for instance), the rules essentially remain the same:

1. Know your audience and create only content that takes into consideration their attitudes, values, likes and dislikes.

2. Keep your brand top-of-mind, understand its perceived relationship with your audience, and give your audience easy ways and compelling reasons to interact with it.

3. Maintain clarity about your brand across your entire custom content mix – no matter what the media – Web site, blog, online magazine, social network, podcast or whatever the digital age brings in the future.

4. Invite your highest value target audience to interact with your brand in ways you can measure.

5. Recognize this audience as your brand evangelists, reward them accordingly, and keep a constant eye on their changing attitudes, likes, dislikes and values.

– Terri Smith