Advertising Industry Headlines

Each week, Wax rounds up the healthcare and advertising industry’s top headlines all in one place. Read what’s trending now.

For such a time as this: The potential for healthcare marketing (MediaPost)
As healthcare marketers, our potential for making a lasting impact on consumer lives is actually higher than many other mainstream consumer brands. We can create campaigns that provoke our customers to better their physical and emotional wellbeing.

10 major challenges for content marketers (Health Care Communication News)
An informative look at the what might be preventing B2B content marketing campaign success.

The top three data trends of 2016 (AdAge)
Among the key trends affecting marketers last year were the move to tie individual customers to consistent identifiers no matter where or how they interact with a brand; use of location sensors; and the push to create new revenue streams via data-sharing partnerships. Partnerships can make credit card and bank data more accessible to marketers.

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