AI Has Changed the Search Game

Your Website’s Structured Data is More Critical Than Ever!

If your healthcare organization has ever invested in SEO optimizations or enhancing your website’s user-experience, you already know how important structured data is. The latest advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies make it more urgent than ever to make sure your website’s data is correctly optimized to be considered in search results generated by natural language voice queries.

What Is Structured Data

Structured data is a type of code that provides additional information about the content on a webpage, allowing search engines and other applications to better understand the context and meaning of that content. Structured data is typically written in a specific format, such as JSON-LD or Microdata, and is added directly to the HTML code of a webpage.

Structured data can include information such as the name of a healthcare provider, their address, phone number, hours of operation, and other details that can help patients find the information they need quickly and easily. This data is structured in a way that is easily readable by search engines and other applications, allowing them to understand the content of a webpage more accurately.

Types of Structured Data to Consider

The use of structured data has become increasingly important in recent years, as search engines like Google and Bing have placed a greater emphasis on providing users with more accurate and relevant search results. By using structured data on your website, you can help search engines better understand the content of your pages, making it more likely that your website will appear in relevant search results.

Common types of structured data include:

  1. This is a vocabulary of structured data tags that can be added to HTML code. includes tags for healthcare-specific information, such as medical conditions, treatments, and providers.
  2. Open Graph: This is a type of structured data used by social media platforms to display rich media content, such as images, videos, and links. By using Open Graph tags on your website, you can ensure that your content is displayed correctly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  3. JSON-LD: This is a type of structured data format that can  provide search engines with additional information about the content of a webpage. JSON-LD is often used for healthcare-specific information, such as provider information and medical conditions.

Ranking Higher in NLP Technology Results

Accurate structured data plays a significant role in improving search visibility for Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies like ChatGPT. With accurate structured data, NLP technologies can better match user queries with relevant content and provide more accurate and comprehensive responses – leading to better search visibility and competitive advantage.

By structuring your data in a way that is easily readable by search engines and other applications, you can ensure that your website appears in relevant search results and provide patients with the highest level of service and care possible.

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