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Are You Looking at the Right Metrics in Your Healthcare Marketing Campaigns?

Are you being blinded by the light of your healthcare marketing campaign results, without really examining the metrics? Tracking specific factors tells you exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

Here are some of the most important metrics you should be looking at on a regular basis.

Client Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Whether you call them patients or clients, by understanding what it costs to acquire a new customer, you can determine the overall success of your efforts. Divide your marketing costs for a particular period by the number of new customers gained during the same period for a basic CAC.

For a more in-depth view, calculate the cost per patient for each marketing channel you use. This will mean having to attribute things like the costs and time of marketing through each channel, but it gives you insights into which marketing activities are most effective, and which need either rethinking or dumping.

Patient Engagement Rate

In digital marketing, much of the point is to create awareness and increase engagement with your products or services, so it’s important to determine whether you’re succeeding in doing so.

Identify the number of conversions, in which visitors take the action you want them to. This could be:

  • clicking through to specific information pages
  • submitting a contact form
  • scheduling an appointment
  • signing up for a newsletter
  • downloading gated content
  • viewing a video, or
  • making a purchase online.

Measure your engagement value by comparing the number of actions with the cost of delivering your content.

Analyze Behavior Flow

It’s one thing to get results from your healthcare campaigns, but entirely another to get the results you want. To determine whether your marketing spend is generating a return, it’s useful to analyze the behavior flow of visitors to your digital properties.

What are users doing when they land on your website? Where do they primarily come from—your social media profiles, your email marketing or via search engines? If the majority of your visitors come through Google, do they come as a result of organic content or paid advertising options?

The answers to these questions will tell you whether your AdWords campaign is working better than your SEO. For social media, analyze the results from your various posts to find whether your target audience prefers curated posts, personal posts or audio/visual updates.

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