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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere—yes, literally—and much of the time we don’t even realize it. That includes the way it’s making major inroads into the marketing landscape. The healthcare industry isn’t likely to escape, either.

Here are some ways AI can help you work smarter, rather than harder, and generate better ROI for your marketing spend.

Dissecting the Data

Healthcare companies have been collecting data for some years now, but for many organizations, helpful insights aren’t yet being delivered. That’s often because they don’t have the resources to assemble it all into a workable format. Now, AI can perform the process of gathering, sorting and analyzing information from multiple different sources, far more quickly and effectively than a group of humans can.

Healthcare organizations using AI to drive their business intelligence are able to use algorithms to develop client personas, understand the needs of their audience, and deliver better, more personalized user experiences as a result.

Creating Communications

Not that long ago, every telephone call to a healthcare company was answered by a person. Since then, we’ve seen communication veer increasingly towards automated options, such as voice prompt systems.

The same thing is happening with AI and online communications, with chatbots stepping in to perform quasi-conversations with users and answer common queries and concerns in real time. This gives healthcare organizations the opportunity to connect directly with prospects online without using human-power to do it.

AI enables the creation and curation of content that appeals to the target audience, without any of the mistakes humans have a tendency to make.

Automating Marketing Processes

The science of lead generation and nurturing has been around for a while and is key to building value and marketing effectively to healthcare patients, but AI is giving it a whole new lease on life. Where healthcare companies previously had to implement lead scoring mechanisms to identify prospects, then program their automated lead nurturing “drip marketing” campaigns, Ai can now perform the entire process once you’ve set up the system.

That doesn’t mean you no longer need creativity—the recipients are still people, and the human factor is essential in knowing how to grab their attention. Once your communiques are set up, though, the AI can take over programming and distribution according to the triggers you identify.

Foretelling the Future

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be able to predict what to expect in business. Well, now you can. AI offers predictive lead scoring and intelligence that makes healthcare marketing more efficient. It enables management to understand individual clients, and to personalize the marketing approach in a way that appeals to his or her needs and interests.

Marketers can now fast-track sales by identifying prospects who are easier to convert based on past behaviors and history, and help companies both engage and keep healthcare consumers.

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