Balancing Your Digital Portfolio

Digital publishing means new and innovative ways of delivering content to an audience, and here at Wax it’s a concept we embrace. Print still provides an effective balance to any publishing/marketing portfolio. But it’s a wired world now and companies must be willing to change with the times. If your company is not leveraging digital content as part of its portfolio, it should be. There may be untapped growth potential.

How can your company find the right balance between print and digital? Here are some of the characteristics that make digital content stand out.

Low costs. Digital publishing distribution costs less than traditional publishing methods. Whether you are distributing brochures, flyers, catalogs, e-publications or white papers, a digital platform lets you increase your reach at a fraction of the cost.

Watch it come alive! With the power of the Web, your company’s digital publications or marketing collateral can feature bonus content, including links, audio, video and Flash animation. These bells and whistles will keep your customers coming back for more and turn a casual browser into a brand loyalist.

Speedy Production! Gone are the days of lengthy waits to have work published.  Digital collateral is speedy and accessible within minutes.

Go green! Each year a lot of trees are used for print materials. Digital content reduces paper consumption and emissions from distribution. It also slashes recycling and waste collection costs, fuel emissions and the use of harmful chemicals. By offering your clients digital materials, your company can have a sizeable, positive impact on the environment.

From all the benefits listed above, it’s no wonder that many companies are embracing digital publishing to develop new business models and opportunities.

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