Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Beyond “Clean, Convenient and Compassionate” Breaking Through the Bland in Healthcare Marketing

There. Did you hear it?

That low, dull hum coming from the healthcare industry.

It’s the “me-too murmur” of countless healthcare marketers all saying the same thing: “Our hospital/practice/facility is clean, convenient and compassionate.”

So what?

The three C’s have been beaten to death. They’ve become background noise that healthcare consumers have become so good at tuning out.

Rise Above the Bland

Creating standout messaging is really not so hard. Ultimately, it’s not about out-shouting your competitors. It’s about telling a story so unique that only you could tell it — and then telling it in the most compelling way to as many people as you can. Here’s how:

Listen before you speak. Effective marketers spend as much time listening as they do talking. With a quick online survey, Facebook post or email, they can get almost-instant feedback on just about any question — new services, proposed changes, patients’ concerns.

Ask yourself: Do we really understand the desires, concerns, behaviors and attitudes of our target market?

“Spin a good tale. It’s an ad agency mantra: “Facts tell, but stories sell.” Video is inherently a storytelling medium. Online video also allows marketers to dig a little deeper in terms of engagement metrics. Sure, you can track the number of views, but you can also measure the length of playback. You know your content is compelling when a potential patient watches your 60- to 90-second video all the way through. If they drop off after just a few seconds, it may be time to tweak the content.

Ask yourself: Are our messages engaging, effective and distinct from our competitors?

Fill the channels (all the channels). In the hands of a capable marketer, an online piece on 3D mammography becomes a downloadable PDF or e-book, an engaging infographic, a series of blog posts, even a webinar or lecture topic.

Ask yourself: Is our content everywhere it can be?

Become a media darling. Get some media attention for what you’re doing. Reach out and connect with editors and journalists. Get your pitch down pat and present a unique angle on why they should be interested in your story, brand, product or service.

Ask yourself: Will media be attracted to my campaign and brand news?

Take a risk. Be a trendsetter. “Out of the box” has reached cliché status, but the reality is that brands with breakthrough messaging get noticed. Don’t be afraid to try something that hasn’t been done before.

Ask yourself: Are we willing to take a risk … and reap the rewards?

Healthcare branding messages are increasingly getting lost in the blather. The hospitals, health systems and group practices that are breaking through are thinking nimbly and creatively. They are using the traditional tools of the trade in fresh ways to rise above the clutter and gain visibility.

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