Big Data and Healthcare Marketing: Finding the Sweet Spot

Big Data and Healthcare Marketing: Finding the Sweet Spot

In the healthcare marketing industry, three objectives are universal:

  • Improve the healthcare experience for clients and patients.
  • Forge a rock-solid relationship between the consumer and the client’s brand.
  • Contain costs.

Big data can help your organization achieve these objectives. Unfortunately, many companies are sitting on valuable data without any idea of how to use it to make all this happen; while resources have been spent to gather this information, not enough effort has been applied to sorting and properly analyzing the information into actionable strategies.

Let’s be clear: Sorting, refining, and analyzing the maze of big data into a useful marketing solution is the key element of success.

Whether you are marketing for insurers, hospitals, or the whole myriad of healthcare material suppliers, understanding the ever-changing medical requirements of the population allows you to laser-focus your marketing strategy. By combining big data with precision analytics, healthcare marketers can employ predictive modeling to anticipate the needs of specific populations of patients.

In turn, your organization can expect the following benefits:

  • Better decision making
  • Enhanced marketing messages
  • Improved information flow
  • Anticipatory care options for clients while reducing costs
  • Proactive and preventative care through mobile apps/remote monitoring

With cloud-based monitoring devices expanding the reach of healthcare services to collect patient data anywhere at any time, data collection is no longer the exhaustive task it once was. But actually doing something with that data can still expend much of your organization’s resources and time.

That’s where Wax Custom Communications comes in. As the #1 healthcare agency three years in a row at the Healthcare Advertising Awards, we know how to collect data and use it to maximize your return on investment. Our healthcare marketing monsters are ready to help your organization every step of the way in the big data process:

  • Organizing available data into actionable strategies.
  • Involving key stakeholders to identify specific clients’ essential data pools.
  • Slicing and dicing to facilitate business and clinical decision making.
  • Sharing analytics with pertinent customers.

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