Boosting Web Usability and SEO for Healthcare Websites

A website is a very powerful part of a company’s brand these days. It tells and paints a picture of what your company represents and how it wants to be portrayed. If your website is broken and its content outdated, it leaves an unmistakable impression that your company is the same.

Let’s take this one step further. How can you make a user-friendly website that is properly optimized for the healthcare and hospital industry? When users go to any website, they are likely looking for one of two things – getting general information or researching your company. If they don’t find what they’re looking for easily and quickly, they’ll move on to the next company.

What does that mean for the hospital or healthcare facility website? First, you need easy navigation to get a person to where they want to go easily and without confusion. Contact information should be clear and prominent. Calls to action – what you want the user to do – should be easy to find and use. If not, potential new customers will lose patience very quickly and bounce right off your website – which most likely means they look at your competition’s site.

Wax Custom Communications is excited to lead the discussion about improving  healthcare websites in the upcoming webinar, Web Usability & SEO for Healthcare Webinar. During this FREE one-hour event on Thursday, November 17 from 4-5pm ET, users will learn some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to making a website user-friendly. Experts will also talk about how to optimize your website and translate it correctly so that users find out about it and understand it.

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