What is Your Brand Experience? How to Shine in Healthcare Marketing

The winds of change are blowing through healthcare like a proverbial tropical storm, as patients increasingly play a larger role in managing their health. The effect on marketing has been a shift to healthcare consumerism, compared with past communications that were driven by features and services. Performance metrics have changed, too, and are now based on factors like patient satisfaction.

Here’s how to shine in your healthcare marketing and deliver a faultless audience experience.

Exceptional Customer Experience

The people who judge your brand’s success will be the customers you serve. This makes it vital to align with their needs and expectations, starting with user-friendly access, a powerful brand personality, authentic, inspiring employees, and dedicated customer service. Conduct regular interviews and surveys to understand exactly how consumers experience your brand, and take action to implement insights gathered from your research.

Perfect Positioning

Getting your positioning right depends on conducting competitive brand research and identifying the opportunities for differentiation. Stringent regulations, tight budgets, and multiple mergers and acquisitions happening almost daily make the landscape difficult to navigate while continuously shifting. If you can side-step the chaos and establish a brand that is authentic and reliable, you’ll set your organization apart quite dramatically in the consumer’s mind.

Brilliant Brand Identity

One way to make your healthcare brand shine in your market is by refreshing your organization’s identity. A visual audit of the industry shows many brands have very boring identities. Some date back to previous eras, while others use very conservative color schemes and humdrum fonts. A distinctive identity can have tremendous power, especially if it stands out in the market.

Dynamic Digital Marketing

There has never been a better time to implement digital marketing methods. Research shows 80% of internet users spent time searching for healthcare information in 2017, making it the second highest searched topic online. Since “playing in the same sandbox” is important for reaching your audience, digital marketing is crucial to your success.

A Strong Online Presence

It’s not just about having a website, either; in order to shine, you need a strong online presence that delivers a good user experience, encourages patient engagement via mobile and other devices, and forms the basis for active social media profiles.

Precise targeting now allows healthcare providers to target the right individuals and households with the brand experience they want them to have. And there’s no better way to shine than that.

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