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Building Value: A Key to Marketing Effectively to Healthcare Patients

To market effectively to healthcare patients, it’s important for your company to build brand value. Unless clients perceive the product or service you offer as being trustworthy and offering a return that’s greater than their investment, you’re unlikely to make very many sales. Here’s how to increase both trust and brand importance through your marketing efforts.

Creating a Foundation

Like those Lego sets we all played with as kids, building brand value through your marketing requires you to use specific components to create a solid foundation from which to rise. Some factors are more important than others, and to decide what matters it’s necessary to first understand your clients’ expectations and to develop a strategy to deliver against them.

Providing Valuable Advice

Consumers need help, and often the type of assistance they require comes in the form of advice, opinions and recommendations. The more personalized these are, the more likely they will be to act on them, experience results, and confirm the value. Digital marketing lends itself well to providing advice, with web landing pages, content marketing, social media, email marketing and programmatic TV all geared towards personalization. Don’t just disseminate any old content; use this opportunity to send targeted info to specific market segments, based on their particular pain points.

Enhance Credibility

Content marketing is one of the most common ways to improve your company’s credibility. Online audiences are becoming more cynical every day, and the fact that 70 million consumers use ad blockers on their computers and mobile devices is evidence of this. To cut through the noise, you need to prove to your audience that you are a reliable source of factual information. Blogs are exceptionally good at this and are considered one of the most credible and authoritative sources of information online.

Develop Thought Leadership

The idea of thought leadership raises the image of specialized subject matter expertise accompanied by insightful analysis and opinion for the audience. There’s no better way for a healthcare organization to build value for existing and potential clients than by being at the forefront of their field. Healthcare companies may be upfront and personal with the latest in discoveries and options, but unless the audience is aware of this, there’s no brand value to be gained. That puts the onus on marketing to ensure the audience is kept aware of new developments in the field.

Create Community

Illness is a lonely place to be, and one of the strongest ties people develop is a sense of community with like-minded others. You can build value for your customers right into your marketing by cultivating a community of peers for support. This could be an online group, in-person support circles, or a lending library of literature. Whatever you decide, marketing it will be key to using the concept effectively to build value for clients.

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