Carousel: Your New Weapon in Facebook Marketing

While many healthcare facilities are starting to jump on the social media “bandwagon,” so is everyone else. To stand out, you really need to be creative, especially on Facebook, the world’s biggest social network.

You may be inclined to experiment with Facebook Groups or look into some video ads, but those can take a lot of time and effort to produce results.

Here’s an example: For your facility to use a Facebook group effectively, you would need one of your physicians or top assistants to answer questions in the group. Anyone else could cause your brand to lose credibility. Unfortunately, this activity takes away time from a doctor or assistant who would be better off attending actual patients.

Similarly, a video is a great way to showcase your facility, but it’s also time-consuming: You need a script, voice over and other elements in order to have a finished product.

So what do you do to get attention without a tremendous amount of effort and time? The answer may just be Facebook’s New Carousel ad feature.

With the Carousel ad feature, a business is able to feature more services or promotions within a single ad. It allows you to show multiple images and links, which essentially mean you can highlight more of your business and tell a story on your targeted audiences’ newsfeeds.

This is a great tool for a variety of reasons:

  • For one, people are very visual and their eyes will gravitate toward moving objects when they’re looking at Facebook. If you don’t have a video, this is an effective way to stand out on your fans’ newsfeeds.
  • Second, it is a way to increase conversion rates since now every image has a unique URL, which means you can drive more traffic to various different locations within your website.
  • Lastly, you’re not limited to a few lines of copy or one image. You have more room to be creative with your marketing.

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