Multiplying Reach and Increasing Physician Engagement

AvMed, Wax’s first and longest client (25+ years) is one of Florida’s oldest and largest not-for-profit health plans providing Medicare Advantage, Individual and Family, and Employer Groups coverage across South Florida.


AvMed faced a number of challenges with its Provider-focused print publications, including unknown engagement. The organization would need to transition its publications to digital to better cater to its providers and measure performance. As a result of this transition, AvMed would ultimately be able to produce more interactive content and gain insight into physician and “gatekeeper” (e.g., administrative staff) behavior.


Wax developed an interactive AvMed-branded Digital Engagement Platform (DEP) to ensure a smooth transition for AvMed’s print publications. Through this intuitive content portal, physicians and gatekeepers can enjoy on-demand access to AvMed news, healthcare content on 32 medical specialties and other industry updates. To complement the platform and drive traffic, Wax designed a dynamic email newsletter based on the physician’s specialty.


After this move to digital, AvMed achieved the following goals:

  • Expanding brand awareness and visibility
  • Identifying readership engagement by audience segments
  • Increasing readership and reach
  • Implementing analytics tracking

Among physicians and gatekeepers, AvMed saw a boost in shares, forwards and other actions that heavily expanded the range of its content. This was especially pronounced in AvMed’s monthly email communications:

  • Average 27.2% open rate; 147% higher than other non-dynamic emails
  • Average 10.6% click-thru rate; 563% than other non-dynamic emails
  • Doubled reach through forwarded emails by provider admin personnel

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