Rebranding With Love

Love. It’s not a word typically associated with health care marketing. Yet, when it was time to rebrand ChristianaCare, the largest health system in Delaware, it was the only word that seemed to fit. It’s a reflection of their core values – serving their community with love and excellence – and their deeply-held belief that health care should be a partnership in which each party feels loved. In an industry dominated by promises of compassion, quality and innovation, ChristianaCare has dedicated itself to delivering something much more powerful. This is the story of the rebirth of a brand that’s based on love.


Deciding to rebrand a huge health system isn’t something to be taken lightly. But when it’s time, it’s obvious; and for the Christiana Care Health System, now known simply as ChristianaCare, it was well overdue. The brand had suffered the ravages of time – It looked tired. After all, it had been almost 30 years since the brand had received some attention. The once popular, avocado green palette and “claw-like” logo no longer represented the system, which had grown and evolved since the brands inception in the 1980’s. It was past time for a refresh.


Wax set out to help ChristianaCare reveal a fresh new brand; one that much more accurately represented their energy and dedication to improving the lives of the people they serve. After many months of research and focused creative brainstorming, a beautiful new brand was born. The previous dated green evolved into a vibrant primary palette of bold blue and glowing green backed up by a brilliant secondary color set. The claw was replaced by a modern, abstracted mark that’s based on the peach blossom, which is the state flower of Delaware. The name was even streamlined into one word, ChristianaCare.

To create excitement, we created a teaser campaign that ran for two weeks leading up to the official reveal. The multichannel effort consisted of unbranded ads with questions like, “Why run that 5K?” and “Why get a flu shot?” The launch campaign revealed the new logo and name, plus the answer to the teaser questions: FOR THE LOVE OF HEALTH – which became the theme line for the entire brand launch. On the day of the public unveiling, there was an exciting event for employees that included a bus that had been fully wrapped in the new brand elements and converted inside into an immersive brand experience. Over a three-day period, almost every example of the previous look was transformed to match the new one – including the website, key signage, all advertising, uniforms and much more. Since the launch, the brand bus has been touring the community and spreading the love.


ChristianaCare was named the nation’s most improved healthcare brand, rising from No. 157 to No. 43 in just one year. Additionally, they improved their brand strength in study by Chadwick Martin Bailey (2019 – pre rebrand vs. 2021 – post rebrand) by:

  • +12 points in brand awareness
  • +9 points in brand consideration
  • +11 points in hospital preference

Most importantly, this new brand has reinvigorated the organization, inspired staff, and positioned ChristianaCare for growth and success for many years to come.

Ranked as the #1 most improved brand perception in 2020 according to a study by American Hospital Association and Monigle. Read the full article by Becker’s Hospital Review.

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