Reaching the Right Audiences

Community Care Plan (CCP) is a non-profit provider of health insurance for individuals and families throughout Florida. One of their primary services, and the first one we worked on, helps Medicaid-eligible women who are pregnant get support for essential prenatal care. It's a vulnerable group, and one that's quite difficult to get in front of.


Pregnancy automatically qualifies women who fall within certain income brackets for coverage under Medicaid. That means they can get prenatal care and have healthy babies. Community Care Plan offers that kind of coverage, but there’s a lot of confusion within the marketplace about who qualifies.

We needed to get information in the hands of the right people at just the right moment. But how?


We analyzed the patient journey and decided the pathway seemed pretty predictable.

“I might be pregnant. I’ll go to the drugstore and get a home pregnancy test.”

“Oh, it looks like I’m pregnant. I need to know for sure, but I don’t have health insurance for a doctor visit. I guess I’ll go to the free clinic down the street.”

Bingo! Our audience would be at a pregnancy resource clinic during the first trimester of her pregnancy. We used geoframing technology to draw digital perimeters around 20 such locations and collected de-identified device IDs from people who visited them once or twice in a two-week period. We then delivered a variety of digital messages on multiple devices to everyone who fit the criteria, since we can also reverse attribute those device IDs to laptops and tablets used by the same person.


As a result of this campaign, CCP saw a 28% increase in the number of covered births compared to the previous year. That meant more of these vulnerable women were able to get the prenatal care they needed to deliver healthy babies.

Other Case Studies