Creating Stopping Power

MOTION PT Group is a provider of physical, occupational, and speech therapies as well as sports medicine, hand therapy, and other related specialty services. They're one of the fastest growing therapy providers in the nation with 50+ locations across the northeastern United States and partnerships with major health systems.


The therapy industry is highly competitive and success requires creating strong recognition with referring physicians, potential patients, and talented therapists. Most providers look alike, say the same things, and offer similar services. In this sea of sameness, Wax set out to create a disruptive marketing campaign that would help MOTION stand out in a very-crowded crowd.


We knew MOTION needed a campaign that was energetic and unexpected while still retaining a tone of professionalism and expertise. The #ChooseMOTION campaign uses a combination of eye-catching imagery and bold, playful messaging that utilizes familiar idioms and phrases related to the concept of staying in motion. The campaign was born out of an extensive development process involving audience analysis and persona mapping, creative workshopping with MOTION leadership, and focus group testing.


The #ChooseMOTION campaign has raised the profile of MOTION with patients, referral sources and potential employees. The creative concept and positioning has now been incorporated into a fresh new website, clinic decor, and much more. With it, MOTION is positioned for accelerated growth and continued success in the marketplace.

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