Extreme Makeover Hospital Edition

In its 108-year history, Richmond University Medical Center has undergone multiple changes and identities – including closing its doors at one point, and changing its name. The close-knit community of Staten Island viewed the hospital as lacking modern facilities and amenities.


In order to retain its current patients and address competition from nearby facilities, there needed to be a branding shift that addressed the community’s perception of RUMC as “old” and “archaic” and change it to “experienced” and “expert” while communicating that they were no longer St. Vincent’s.


With an understanding of RUMC and the community, Wax Custom Communications developed a hospital rebranding strategy incorporating a multichannel marketing campaign that included complete rebranding: print, television, radio, transit and out-of-home advertising, along with a website overhaul. The creative campaign was crafted to highlight the facility’s commitment to the local community.


  • 10x increase in website traffic, compared to previous year.
  • 80% increase in referral line call volume over the previous year.
  • 40% increase in physician referrals over the previous year.

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