Game-Changing Results

South Georgia Medical Center is a growing healthcare system with multiple hospitals: SGMC main campus, SGMC Smith Northview Campus, SGMC Lanier Campus, SGMC Berrien Campus and the affiliated campus, Clinch Memorial Hospital. These facilities offer an array of inpatient and outpatient services to a multi-county population in Georgia and North Florida.


SGMC initially started as a single-campus, nonprofit hospital. As it expanded, SGMC began to acquire and partner with other hospitals. The organization reached out to Wax for help with developing a strategic branding campaign to raise awareness of these acquisitions.

SGMC wanted to inform the community that these new additions had been absorbed and were synonymous with the quality care behind the South Georgia Medical Center brand.


Wax Custom Communications created a strategic healthcare branding campaign and went to work on an innovative umbrella-branding approach targeting multiple counties in neighboring areas. The in-depth process started with extensive market research; a dedicated team conducted man-on-the-street interviews, online surveys and other detailed analysis to determine the best channels to target the different personas in this rural area.

With a deeper understanding of the client and their audience, Wax Custom Communications executed SGMC’s vision, beginning with a redesign of the SGMC campus logos that better aligned with the new umbrella brand. In addition, Wax crafted a number of branded communications for the following outlets:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Billboard
  • Digital (PPC)


6% Click-through rate (CTR) in PPC Campaign.
$1 average cost per visit.

As SGMC grew, so did community awareness. The targeted campaigns successfully branded the medical center’s new acquisitions and raised awareness of SGMC’s explosive growth and future service lines.

SGMC and Wax continue to work together on numerous marketing initiatives, most recently an orthopedics campaign designed to promote SGMC’s new freestanding wing.

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