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Content Distribution: The Importance of Timing

When you read about how to make your content shine, most articles focus on improving the content itself. “Is your content compelling?” “Is it easy to digest?” “Is it visually appealing?”

There’s one question that doesn’t get asked enough, though: “Is it a good time to publish?” It’s easy to forget that your audience is made up of real people – people who have lives outside of your blog or email list. If you’re publicizing and publishing content at the wrong time, you’re lowering your chance of them seeing it.

The next time you have some content to publish, keep these things in mind before doing so:

  1. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Think about your targets. If these are your typical 9-to-5ers, sending out your e-newsletter or promoting your post on social media during work hours isn’t exactly ideal. Your best time to publish might be right before work or later in the evening, once your prospective reader is most likely home and catching up on the day’s news.
  2. Always experiment. Just because a post didn’t resonate well the first time doesn’t mean it’s a bad post. If you’re confident the content isn’t the problem, try publicizing it again at a different time. If you sent out an email first thing Monday morning, for example, it’s possible that it got lost in everyone’s inbox; everyone’s inbox is flooded at the start of the workweek.
  3. Don’t forget about time zones. If you’re based in Florida but a majority of your customers hail from the west coast, that’s a three-hour time difference you need to worry about. That post you’re putting out at 8 a.m. before a typical workday is going out at 5 a.m. in Los Angeles. While you may catch some early risers, odds are you won’t.

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