Digital Healthcare Ads: Increasing Your Engagement

Digital Healthcare Ads: Increasing Your Engagement

With consumers getting bombarded with content all day long, the barrier to entry for digital healthcare ads is high. If your creative does manage to cut through the noise, it still needs to compel a prospect to click or take another action.

The reality is that there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for improving audience engagement when it comes to your healthcare ads. So many factors like age, income, location and the like can have a profound impact on whether your audience responds well to your ads – or even at all.

However, there are proven tactics that can help you lay the foundation for an effective advertising campaign. Try these four tips to start seeing better engagement fast.

Narrow down your audience. Not everybody is your customer. Once you understand that, you need to figure out who is. If you’re a pediatric hospital, then targeting seniors and older adults might not be the best idea. However, young parents and teenagers would be interested in your offerings. Spend your time and resources on the people most likely to convert – not on the general public.

Think outside the (web banner) box. When you hear the term “digital advertising,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably “web banner” (or something pretty close). Web banners are not the end-all be-all of digital advertising. Take some time to assess the different channels you use to communicate with your audience. Then, determine which are giving you the best return on investment. Maybe Facebook ads are the way to go, or maybe native advertising is working out for you. Build on those strengths.

Experiment. Speaking of thinking outside the box, start testing different types of ads. If you’ve only ever experimented with web banners, allocate a small number of resources to different avenues and see what happens. Placing a patient testimonial before a YouTube video, for instance, might compel a prospect to call or visit your website more than a “Click here to learn more about our hospital” banner would. Don’t be afraid of trying new things.

Create contrast. After someone’s been scrolling on a website for a while, things start to blur and look the same. If you’re an advertiser, that’s not good for your engagement; your ads need to stand out. Bold colors, large CTAs and fun graphics are just a few of the ways you can stand out on an otherwise vanilla website. Just make sure that whatever you do stays within your brand guidelines.

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