Digital Tools to Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts

Money is essential in the world of medicine, especially for medical research. It can be the difference in updated technology – and saving a life.

While traditional fundraisers, charity dinners and walk-a-thons have always been great tools for generating this much-needed income, health care facilities now have another way of raising funds: the Internet.

Yes, every hospital should always have a working button on their website to ask for donations. They should also promote links on their social media accounts. These are “no-brainers” that will hopefully convert some leads.

But what other ways can you generate donations on the web? Here are a few examples:

YouTube Charity Cards

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing network.  Recently, YouTube introduced a new Charity card feature. The feature lets publishers link viewers directly to projects listed on YouTube-approved fundraising sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Video is proving to be invaluable for many non-profit organizations. In fact, non-profit campaigns generated 670 million YouTube views in 2014.  This new tool makes the donation process even easier.


Many of your website visitors are looking for information on a specific medial subject or physician – they probably aren’t looking to donate. That’s where Storify comes in.

The website gathers stories on a particular topic and shares them in one central location. Your health care facility can use Storify to find articles related to your charity, which can then serve as motivation and momentum for the cause.

For example, lets say you are trying to raise money for your cardiology department. Storify can find stories on the web that discuss heart disease and group them all in one spot for the reader’s convenience. This is important, as people sometimes need more information on a subject before they open their wallets.

Donations in many situations are what keep hospitals and health care facilities open. Leveraging the various tools on the web can make raising these funds more attainable.

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