Do You Tumble?

Want to combine a blog, Twitter and Facebook feed into one location and make it look pretty? Welcome to Tumblr – More and more users are publishing on this social blog’s site and viewing others’ posts, while brands, media outlets and marketers are experimenting with how best to leverage this growing community. Tumblr gets 6.5 billion page views a month according to research site so it is definitely something you should look into when defining your marketing strategy.

Combining elements of both traditional blogging and Twitter, Tumblr makes it easy to create posts that include photos, videos and links, and offers a more social element, including following other blogs and re-blogging posts. If your blog is especially informative, posts can easily be spread out across other Tumblr users when followers reblog your post.

Why do you need a Tumblr account if I already have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin account?  For one, Tumblr features very customizable themes. You can brand it so it looks just like your website. You don’t need permission to follow someone like you do on Facebook. And compared to other blogging platforms, Tumblr is very easy to use.

Users of Tumblr have said it can become very addictive, especially when you start gaining recognition. A single post on Tumblr can go viral and spread out all over Tumblr instantly. For help in getting discovered and noticed on Tumblr, call Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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