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Does Your Healthcare Marketing Plan Need a Makeover?

The times they are a-changing, and in the world of healthcare consumerism, it’s vital for companies to keep up with trends if they want to maintain an up-to-date strategy.

Here are some indicators it might be time for a marketing plan makeover that incorporates the latest tactical shifts — and what you can do to resolve them.

SEO Slump

If your website traffic and/or number of leads generated has dropped recently, it could be that your SEO is out of date.

Recent changes healthcare companies need to get to grips with include:

  • Optimizing for voice search. Since so many users access the web on the go via mobile, voice search is gaining in popularity. This typically results in longer questions, more locally-focused search queries and simpler keywords.
  • Taking advantage of longer snippets. Google’s recent shift to accommodating longer snippets means you can fit more information into the meta description than before, which increases your chances of being found in response to searches.

Omitting to do these could lower your findability, because the algorithm is programmed to look for recently updated websites and best practices.

Content Clusters

Does your site contain tons of underperforming content that you no longer get any mileage from? Implementing a makeover that includes creating content clusters can give your material a new lease on life.

The basic premise is the development of “pillar” pages, which are a broad overview of a major focus area. These include links to and from multiple other pages on related sub-topics, forming a cluster of pages all linked by the same primary keyword.

Apart from improving the organization of your website, a high-performing cluster can improve the search rankings for all the linked pages.

The Case for Storytelling

Healthcare marketers keep hearing about storytelling and the value of including it in their efforts. Case studies are a popular way to do this, and offer companies the opportunity to showcase their products, services and expertise while delivering client feedback in the form of an authentic testimonial.

If you’re struggling to find a way to reach prospects with your good news stories, adding a section on case studies to your website could be the answer.

Video Viability

The digital world is shifting inexorably in the direction of video content. If your healthcare marketing is based mostly on written copy, you’re way behind in the user experience stakes. Statistics from industry experts show video helps persuade 73% of people to purchase a product or service. Adding video footage to your channel options can provide the fresh start your strategy needs to make waves in your target market.

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