Don’t Forget Your A-B-Cs … or at least your A/Bs

Can’t sleep at night because you’ve got multivariate testing on the mind? I’ve got the site for you! OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme even for us marketers. But recently coming across was a refreshing surprise. Launched in June 2009, this site provides real-life A/B split test scenarios that marketers and companies in just about any industry can benefit from.

Self-pronounced “marketing optimization evangelists,” the folks behind this site offer nearly 100 case studies free of charge for your viewing pleasure. Near and dear to my heart, from a web design and digital perspective, are the studies focused on eye-tracking studies and human behavior response testing (You can check out a two-part blog post I submitted in the past regarding effective content placement on the web).  

For example, recent studies have included tests such as “Color vs. Size: Which Text Link Got More Clicks …” and “Email A/B Test: Which Subject Line + Email Creative Combo raised Sony’s eCommerce Sales?” A fun add-on is that you can participate in polls to see how your perceptions compare to other marketers.

Additionally, the site lists vendor participants and sponsors that work and specialize in and around the testing and research fields. It’s a great source for free options in the space such as the Google Website Optimizer which is a free tool launched in 2006 that supports both A/B and multivariate testing. As Google astutely states on their Optimizer landing page: “Why guess what site content and designs best convert your visitors, when you can find out directly from them?”

Let us know if you have any multivariate testing studies that have made a positive impact on your marketing efforts!