Don’t Get Left Behind: Optimize Your Website for Mobile

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, a mobile-friendly website for your hospital isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity.

More and more people are on their mobile devices searching for medical advice, refilling prescriptions and reading hospital reviews. In fact, Pew Research Center reports that 31 percent of cell phone owners – and 52 percent of smartphone owners – have used their devices to look up health or medical information.

Google is now weighing in on the issue of mobile-friendliness, and some big search engine optimization changes are coming.

Starting April 21, Google will consider a website’s mobile-friendliness as part of their ranking algorithm for mobile search results. This will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide. If your website isn’t ready, its ranking could drop.

Luckily, there are resources to help you optimize your site for mobile and avoid ranking penalties:

  • tests your website on various smartphone and tablet emulators. This is useful because your mobile site may look great on an Apple device but not as good on an Android device. Now there’s no need for guessing.

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