Enhance Brand Awareness through Meme Marketing

If you’re responsible for providing content for your healthcare facility’s social media channels, you might be floundering as you attempt to garner likes and retweets. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Social media is becoming increasingly competitive and without dipping into the budget to create new ads, it can be challenging to attract attention and get that momentum going.

Testimonials, patient education and healthy recipes are all simple strategies you can use to provide content on your social channels — but so are memes, believe it or not. They often involve humor, as with the current Ice Bucket Challenge successfully launched by the ALS Association this summer. Since memes inspire, instill hope and create a sense of community, they can useful tools for healthcare social media.

Memes aren’t difficult to create, and you definitely don’t have to be an expert in Photoshop to produce one. Simply take a photo of something you think will inspire the followers in your community at your facility via your smartphone or tablet. Then add some language: look for an inspirational quote using sites like goodreads.com, Pinterest or BrainyQuote. Finally, combine image with quote with an app like Word Swag, Afterlight or Phonto – you probably won’t even need to disturb your creative department.

Within minutes, you will have created a DIY customized motivational image you can instantly share on all your social networks. Hopefully it will be inspirational enough to get your followers sharing it with their followers: that’s just how it goes with the meme’s popularity.

You will definitely be surprised how much traction these simple yet powerful combinations of word and image can bring. For additional simple content creation ideas to make your hospital or healthcare facility shine even brighter, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit waxcom.com.