Ergonomic design and the user interface

Why ergonomic design is important to building good websites.

A few years ago – well, maybe longer than that – people in offices were introduced to the term “ergonomic design.” This came to us from engineers and designers who wanted a better way to hold a hammer or a golf club. Ergonomic design of a piece of furniture meant that someone had taken the time to make sure it was comfortable to sit in. It did not always mean that the chair was pretty to look at, but you could sit for hours and not lose the feeling in your legs.

Website design is a lot like that. A bad one can make your head hurt if you stare at it too long. A good one is easy on the eyes. Just like with furniture, it’s not quick to figure out. It takes time to get it just right. When you’re thinking about your next website, make sure the people looking at it for hours will not stand up and lose the feeling in their heads.

– Rick Gramatges