Figure 1 – A New Visual Way for Doctors to Learn from Each Other

Medicine is constantly evolving and new technology is bringing improvements to healthcare every single day. From using Facebook to get an organ transplant to innovative ways to relax before a procedure, advances in health are only going to go increase with improved methods of communication.

Improvements in how doctors and other healthcare professionals communicate with each other are also taking place with the help of a new photo-sharing network app called Figure 1.

Basically a medical version of Instagram without the filters, Figure 1 allows physicians to share images (including graphic ones) with other members of the medical community, as well as bookmark and comment on them. They can also use hashtags in the comments to make them searchable.

The app was ultimately developed to create a safe way for doctors to share medical images with the medical community, while at the same time protecting patients’ privacy. The hope is that the app can be used as a learning and reference tool between doctors.

To protect privacy, the app automatically detects patients’ faces and blocks them from being seen. Uploaders can also block any other areas of the body that may be recognizable. The app even includes a patient consent form.

Currently available for free in iTunes and expanding to Android in the coming months, Figure 1 is just another new way technology is improving healthcare. To learn more about the app and other ways technology is expanding medicine, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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