Five websites you should know about

Five essential websites to bookmark (if you haven't already).

We’ve all got our faves bookmarked—news, political, hobby, comedy, sports and other blogs and websites. Now, I don’t know your political views or what tickles your funny bone, so I’ll steer clear of recommending my top sites in those categories (though one rhymes with “bunion”). But I can happily pass along these must-bookmark sites:—Rebates gone sour? Product recalls? Customer service nightmares? Companies that go out of their way to do a good job? Consumer news, as practical as it gets.—Indispensable resource for settling bar bets about that line in Jackie Brown (“Is that Rutger Hauer? No, it’s Helmut Berger…”) or identifying the actor who played D-Day in Animal House (Bruce McGill).—Practical tips about how you can better use technology to make your life easier. Today’s posts include Debunking Traffic Ticket Myths to Enabling Tethering on your iPhone 3.0.—You can still buy your airline tickets at your favorite online sites. But start here when researching your trip. Find out who flies where, which layovers are dangerously tight, and which other options (flying into one airport, leaving from another) might make more sense.—You’d think everyone knew about this informative and entertaining site that debunks urban myths, but considering all the FWD: DO NOT DELETE SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU LOVE subject lines in e-mails, maybe not. The handy “e-mail to a friend” feature makes it simple to let co-workers know that, no matter how many people you forward their e-mail to, Sony Ericsson is not giving you a free laptop and Bill Gates is not sending you a thousand bucks.

–Gretchen Schmidt

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