Forecast: e-mail reigns

News flash: Lots of marketing budgets have stagnated or shrunk this year. And when nickels and dimes count, it’s no surprise that marketers are turning to e-mail campaigns in lieu of traditional direct mail. According to a recent survey, 83 percent of companies plan to increase e-mail marketing spending in the second half of 2009. (Wax is no exception.)

E-mail marketing has a host of advantages over other types of direct marketing (low cost, easy tracking, micro targeting, interactivity, etc.). But it also comes with a unique set of challenges. 

A study by Forrester Research estimates that U.S. e-mail spending will reach $2 billion by 2014. The study also projects that $144 million will be WASTED on e-mails that fail to reach their targets—not to mention the e-mails that get lost in inbox clutter or eradicated by the delete button.

In light of the above e-mail hurdles (and more you may not know about) and increased competition (within your market and the whole wide world), how can you achieve e-mail greatness? Stay tuned. In the next few weeks, we’ll present a series of posts on how to make the most of your e-mail marketing efforts. 

–Caroline Hatchett

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