Why Transitioning to Digital Marketing Matters to Healthcare Marketers

Get Out of the Stone Age: Why Transitioning to Digital Marketing Matters

If your organization is only using traditional media like radio and television, it’s time to get out of the Stone Age. Although there’s still a place for these tried-and-true methods, the world is increasingly becoming digital. At a bare minimum, your organization needs a website and some sort of social media presence (even if it’s just a Facebook page updated randomly). After all, each of these avenues is another way for customers to find you.

But the more investment you make in digital marketing, the better the payoff. Here are some reasons to consider supplementing – or replacing – your traditional efforts with something a little more modern:

1) Digital marketing has robust analytics. One of the main reasons digital marketing is so popular is that it’s measurable. If you buy a radio ad or TV spot, there’s really no way to know if your message had any impact besides a tracked phone number, coupon or another archaic form of tracking. Most digital marketing resources have an internal analytics system, or they give you instructions for finding one. Knowing which efforts are giving you the best results can save you time, money and resources in the long run.

2) Digital marketing is mobile friendly. Consumers are spending more and more time on their phones and smart devices. Digital marketing can literally put you in consumers’ faces around the clock. Not everyone checks their mailbox every day, but everyone definitely checks their phone every day (and more than once). Putting your brand or organization where people are paying the most attention will help you reach more eyeballs and ideally get more conversions.

3) Digital marketing lets you get in front of bad news. If someone prints something bad about your organization in a magazine or another physician medium, there’s a chance you might never know about it. But if someone is badmouthing your organization online, it’s easier for you to monitor and do something about it before it snowballs into something bigger. Monitoring tools like Google Alerts and Mention let you know when people are talking about your brand (positively or negatively), so you can take the appropriate action like addressing a consumer’s concerns.

4) Digital marketing lets you get creative. The sky’s the limit with digital marketing. With traditional marketing, you’re bound by size constraints and other media limitations. While digital platforms have their own parameters, they’re a lot more flexible and can inspire you to try new formats that in turn can help you reach new audiences.

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