Give Your Facts a Facelift with Integrated Infographics

Humans are decidedly visual creatures: it’s a pleasure hard-wired into our brain chemistry. According to researchers, almost 50 percent of the human brain is involved in visual processing. Since 70 percent of all our sensory receptors are actually located in the eyes, our species is thus incredibly visual at the core, using its capacity for sight to forge its concept of reality.

Marketers faced with the challenge of an overabundance of content should take note of these neurological facts and craft their products with an eye to the visual appeal they will need in order to attract viewership. The best way to marge text and image is though Infographics, a word that means exactly what it sounds like: information presented graphically. The advantage of displaying data infographically is immediacy, for it is the graphic element that facilitates quick, clear processing and which creates the important bond of attention.

Healthcare in general suffers from the dangers of information overload. Whether you are explaining an insurance plan or describing the side effects of a medication, there are normally too many details to present.  Infographics is the only way to go, since it affords the advantage of making content come alive through a visualization that the brain can process without exerting too much effort.

A 2005 study in the journal Patient Education and Counseling found that incorporating pictograms into medicine labels for an antibiotic greatly increased both patient understanding and adherence to its dosing instructions.  Specifically, the group that was given text-only labels understood the label 70 percent of the time and adhered to its instructions 72 percent of the time, while the numbers increased to 95 percent and 90 percent, respectively, for the group shown labels that incorporated infographics.  What this means is that adding a visual element was highly successful at capturing viewership and getting it to alter its behavior — marketers, take note!

Healthcare marketing almost always involves an overwhelming plethora of statistics and numbers — but utilizing Infographics can help consumers retain and recall information, all while allying them to your brand through the visual connection it sparks. Most importantly, an infographic strategy persuades consumers to take action, perhaps because it increases brand credibility and with trust comes change.

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