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Give Your Website a Facelift: 4 Optimization Tips

When you hear about a new store or brand, what’s one of the first things you do? Chances are you’re going to Google it for more information.

When people hear about your healthcare organization, they’re likely doing the same. And if your website hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s time you give it a once-over. After all, first impressions count – especially in a crowded space like the Internet.

When tweaking your website, look at these four factors as a starting point:

  1. Page Speed: Page speed is a crucial component of search engine optimization. Test your site on different connections. Just because it loads fine on your company’s super-fast connection doesn’t mean that the average Joe is having the same experience. Use tactics like image compression to keep load times to a minimum.
  2. Mobile-Friendliness: In 2018, all sites should be mobile-friendly. If your site looks like a dinosaur on a mobile phone, tablet or another smart device, you’re stuck in the ‘00s. You don’t even need something fancy – just make sure it’s easy to navigate.
  3. Sign-Up/Contact Forms: Are you capturing your website visitors’ information? Email sign up forms have been around forever and for good reason – they work. Don’t let visitors just visit your website and bounce. Get their information so you can follow up, whether through an email signup or contact form.
  4. Share Buttons: How easily shareable is your content? Adding share buttons for the most common social media platforms lets users share your site in fewer steps. If website guests have to open up their favorite social media page in another tab or perform another inconvenient task to share your content, it’s less likely to happen. Make it easy for everyone, including your laziest prospects.

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