Going Viral

Going Viral: A How-To Guide

The fact is that every marketer hopes that his or her next campaign goes viral. For some companies, all it takes is for one piece of content to go viral and then they’re the talk of the town.

Nine times out of 10, though, that doesn’t happen. Your campaigns may be doing well, but they can always do better. Instead of putting some content together and hoping it resonates, optimize your content so that it has the best chance of reaching a massive audience. Here’s how:

  1. Choose video. Log into your Facebook or favorite social media platform. What do you see? Odds are that your feed is flooded with videos. Why? The algorithms behind these services love video and tend to give it preference over other content forms. Not only can video play right there in your feed (instead of forcing users to click and take other steps to reach your content), but it’s also just visually pleasing. Would you rather watch a funny cat video or read about it? Thought so.
  2. Get emotional. Humans are emotional beings. Content that tugs at the heartstrings or elicits an emotional response can often override the logical part of your audience’s brain. That’s why testimonials are so popular: They’re relatable and make the user think, “That could be me.”
  3. Make sure the content is easy to share. A common marketing mistake is putting too much thought into the content and not so much into the distribution. Is your content optimized for sharing? Make sure share buttons are easy to spot and plentiful (without being annoying), for example. You may also want to put a little bit of money down and sponsor your posts for the first 24 hours. Simple solutions like this can make a world of difference in engagement.
  4. Reach out to powerful influencers in your industry. Flex those public relations muscles and build relationships with prominent people in your field. Having the backing of doctors, research organizations and other healthcare personalities can give your marketing efforts some extra reach. If they find content useful, they’ll share it or give you a shout out. Either way, you’re getting your brand in front of more people.

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