Google Hangouts: A New Tool for Hospitals

Google+ has become a large question mark for many hospitals. If you don’t already use it, there’s plenty of reasons why every hospital and healthcare facility should have Google+, from SEO value to thought leadership.

One big reason you should try Google+, is the Google Hangout. This feature is essentially a video chatroom, and enables Google+ users to participate in live, video chats. Hangout can be opened to any of your Circles, or left public so that anyone could choose to pop in.

For a hospital or healthcare facility, a Google Hangout has a lot of potential. Here are few ideas on how to get the most out of a Google Hangout:

  • Post regular hangouts on your hospital’s website, covering different medical issues, which could be uploaded to the hospital’s YouTube channel for later use by people unable to join a live conversation.
  • Use it to answer patient questions as you live stream a Google Hangout with a handful of surgeons?
  • Use it as a way for specialists consult with each other about a new treatment or medication on the market.
  • Use it as a way for nurses to collaborate on technology and new procedures.
  • Use it to live-stream a surgery with expert commentary.

Google Hangouts are getting more and more interesting. The ability to easily start a live video conference with colleagues all over the world, share screens, and see each other –all in real time — is opening many doors for innovation.

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