The Benefits of Having an E-newsletter for Your Hospital

An electronic newsletter or e-newsletter is a beneficial way to stay in touch with your target audience: past patients and potential patients. There are many reasons to have an e-newsletter and utilize it wisely:

  • Savingse-newsletter

An electronic newsletter is an inexpensive way to get news and messages from your hospital out to the world. There are no printing or postage fees when you go electronic so you can send out more for less. Also, you can save time (and money) in production. After you put together a newsletter, you don’t need to spend more time for printing, binding and preparation for the mail house. When it’s ready to go, simply hit the send button.

  • Proven Response Rate

The industry average for electronic marketing compared to traditional marketing is much higher. More eyeballs look at an interesting and informative electronic newsletter than a newsletter in the mailbox.

  • Promote Your Business with Existing Patients

By having an e-newsletter that goes out regularly (weekly or monthly), you can stay top of mind with past patients. Talk about new doctors and new procedures that are now available. This follow-up will encourage them to continue to do business with your hospital. Plus, by having an e-newsletter you can interact much easier with all patients by putting hyperlinks to forms and links to your website. This makes it easier for them to get more information on specific services and answers to any questions.

  • Keep It Simple, Interesting

Remember, sometimes less is more. People have very short attention spans. To do your newsletter right, keep content on point and to a minimum. Keep it interesting to entice them to keep reading and look out for future issues.

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