Holey font

Paper and ink. When analyzing office wastefulness, this dynamic duo builds up quite a hefty list: wasted paper, dead trees and landfills steadily piled up with empty ink cartridges. On the monetary front, printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world. About two-thirds of an ounce can cost you $39.95, and, depending on your printer, that translates to about $7,500 per gallon!

Despite many businesses “going paperless,” there is still and will always be a need for printing documents. So how can you simultaneously keep the business paradigm moving while trying to be a little nicer to the environment?

Enter the Ecofont, an environmentally friendly typeface developed by the Dutch communications firm Spranq. By removing little circles from each letter, the font (which is based on the ever-popular sans serif Verdana) uses up to 20 percent less ink while maintaining legibility.

Download a free copy of Ecofont today, and stave off sending wasted cartridges to our landfills—at least for a little longer.

– Jeannie Saiz

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