Hospitals Turn to Social Media for Patient Feedback

Over the past few years going social has led to better health and a better healthcare system. From boosting organ donor registration to being used as a recruitment tool, social media is changing medicine for the better.

Now hospitals are turning to it for advice, specifically patient feedback, via questionnaires and surveys on how they can improve their services and facilities.

For example, the University of Michigan Health System is turning to “e-advisers” to provide input on a variety of topics, such as new communication services and even help with naming new facilities. This hospital system relies on “e-advisers” to answer approximately 35 online surveys a year.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston asks their “e-advisers” to help edit brochures to make sure they are patient-friendly.

All these efforts are being put in place to enhance the overall hospital experience. In the past, hospitals had to recruit patients and family members to advise on services. Through the use of social media, hospitals can obtain feedback more efficiently. The use of social media also provides a larger and broader sampling.

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