How Can Doctors Blog? Just Like This

Parents just want to do what is right, believes practicing pediatrician Dr. Wendy Swanson. In her blog, SeattleMamaDoc, Swanson, the mother of two young boys, says she aims to help parents do what’s right by deciphering medical news and sharing helpful methods she’s learned in her career.

To Swanson, blogging is essential for doctors. “The media’s job is not necessarily to look our for your best interest, but your doctor’s is,” she said in an interview. “We have an ethical responsibility online.”

In her lively blog, Swanson covers diverse topics like Tina Fey, a high-profile comedian/writer/working mom who’s expecting her second child; dealing with colic; and push-up bra bikinis for eight-year-olds. There’s a refreshing combination of timely observations and practical tips like making a family emergency kit, all told with a doctor’s expertise and a mom’s good sense.

When doctors think of all the reasons they shouldn’t blog, Swanson makes a compelling case of what they should. In the fast-moving media clutter, she sees doctors as “voices of reason.” A disclaimer points out that her thoughts are her own opinion (the blog is part of the Seattle Children’s Hospital site), and she moderates all comments.

Legalities aside, there’s a simple reason Swanson’s blog stands out: it’s engaging, friendly and filled with useful entries, all keys to success no matter what the profession.

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