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How Data Can Help You Get New Patients

When looking for new patients, healthcare facilities are using a variety of marketing tactics such as an optimized website, blog, direct mail and social media.

While all of these avenues have the potential to get you new prospects, there’s only one way to find out if they’re working for you: data.

Clicks, views and other data can help put to rest any questions you have on your campaign’s effectiveness. Unfortunately, such data can quickly become overwhelming.

In order to help you make better marketing decisions, this data needs to be translated into something simple to understand for your organization. That’s why you need a data strategy.

If you don’t already have a data strategy in place, begin by gathering the right internal decision makers to formulate a plan. Capturing the right data is key, so you’ll need a solid objective before you get started.

Are you looking to lower your cost per acquisition? Maybe you are looking to increase the number of patients visiting your outpatient or urgent care centers? Objectives are key.

Many healthcare facilities have already shown huge success with this data-driven approach. Penn Medicine, for example, was able to cut cost per acquisitions by 46 percent. How? By applying digital findings into their marketing strategy.

Another example: Texas Health Physicians Group. Through data marketing, the organization was able to answer questions intelligently on how to best allocate its marketing budget across 250 clinics.

Data marketing in healthcare shouldn’t just be about generating reports and handing them to leadership. This data needs sufficient time to be looked through and analyzed. It is also important that data-driven marketers constantly test new products, programs and campaigns to validate and confirm assumptions. Remember, it is okay to try something new and then refine the strategy.

Healthcare is constantly evolving and changing. If you don’t adjust your marketing with the times, it can – and will – become stale and out-of-date. Data will help you adapt and evolve your organization’s marketing.

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